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 Upcoming Events

Details on the calendar! 

As our community and beyond deals with the continued impact of Covid-19, plans must remain fluid as we prioritize the safety of our staff and community, so please check back frequently for updates.

Haunted Halloween Tours 2021

October 27-30, 6-9pm

details coming soon!

DIY Crafternoon @ Home kits

coming late September 2021

New Displays & Exhibits

Ontario Fossils Collection

Nearly 400-million-year-old fossils of trilobites, coral, and other creatures from the "age of fishes", all found in the Arkona area in North Lambton County!

What Do Airplanes and Canoes Have in Common?

Get up close and personal with a rare and innovational wooden four-sectioned canoe, made in 1927 by the Ontario Provincial Air Service and Forestry Branch for use in Ontario's remote north. 

Dedication - Grit - Passion

Can you imagine plowing 200 acres with just your horse, and a walking plow? Explore the relationship between man and animal, and the challenges of farming in Sombra in the days before mechanized equipment. 

From Australia to Sombra and Everywhere In Between 

‚ÄčWhether it be handwritten letters, the telegraph, rubber stamps, radio broadcasts, or a text message, learn how communications technology has evolved, innovated, and shaped the lives of the people of the former Sombra Township, and Sombra's impact on how we communicate with the world.