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3476 St.Clair Parkway

Sombra, ON NOP 2HO


Available for Purchase

Please contact or visit Sombra Museum for more details


Historical Sketch –Sombra United Church 1874-1974

A History of Sombra Township

by Maude Dalgety -1984

St. Clair Allies in Arms:

The Men of Sombra and Moore in World War I, 1914-1918

Thornyhurst School a Bygone Era

Diary James W. Carpenter 1880-1907 Past to Present (Vol. 1, 2)

History of the McRae Family Farm

Lot 12 Conc. 10 by Jim Burgess

Wilkesport a Passage Through Time Compiled by Shelley Lucier

Sombra Farms 1800’s - 2000’s

(2013 Edition)

Sombra Farms No. 2 1800’s – 2000’s (2015 Edition)

More Family Farms of Lambton County Vol. 2 (2010)

Sombra Museum’s 50th Anniversary Memory Lane 1959 – 2009

East Sombra 1999 – 2000

Rural Victorian Life: in Sombra

Colouring and Activity Book

The Christmas Tree Ship

The Great Lakes Diving Guide

Canada’s 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Titanic –The Great Lakes Connections

The Wreck of the Griffon –The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes


Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes

13 Shipwrecks! The Great Lakes Worst Maritime Disasters

War of 1812 on the Great Lakes

The Great Storm of 1913

The Wreck of the Griffon –The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes

Lake Freighter Minis Paper Model Kits are also available for purchase

What to see:

Bury House

Step into the past of a Victorian home built in 1881 with 8 furnished rooms. Experience the hominess of the kitchen, and the elegance of the dinning room filled with crystal, silver and china. Walk into an old time parlour and music room to learn about entertainment in the past, or dream in a child’s bedroom with period clothing and toys. The master bedroom displays turn of the century personal effects. We also have a collection of Dolls Through the Decades to experience! 

Cultural Centre

Marine Room (Great Lakes Hall): Our Marine Room illustrates the importance of the St.Clair River and Great Lakes to our history through photos, exhibits and nautical artifacts. It also features model ships such as The Q105, The Jay C. Morse, and the S.S. Assiniboia. 

World War II Exhibit: This display features photographs, honorary metals, and heroic stories of locals who served in the war.

Maude Dalgety Reference Room: The reference room, kindly named after a woman who dedicated much of her time and care to the museum, contains files on local businesses, schools, churches, ships, events and local families. The Reference Room is a place that you can come to discover your history!

Conference Room (Shawanese Hall): Lectures are held in the fall and winter months and cover a variety of topics. Please see our calendar for lecture topics and dates. 

(Conference room rentals are available for any meetings or events that may be suitible and include use of the kitchenette as well as optional use of electronics. For inquiries on renting the conference room please contact the museum. All contact information can be found by clicking on the "Contact Us" heading above.)

Log Cabin

Constructed in 1829 by Abraham Smith, the log cabin is the oldest building in S ombra. It was originally used as a temporary home and was later used as a milk house. It now features several old tools such as the shingle maker pictured above. 

Walking Tour

Grab one of our walking tour maps and take a self-guided stroll through the beautiful waterfront town of Sombra while learning about the history of the town’s oldest buildings and the businesses that resided there. The walking tour includes 15 unique locations with historical photography and factual write-ups for each. You can also use our map to stop by some of the town's current attractions along the way, such as the community dock and Crystal's Ice Cream Shack. (Walk is approximately 2.5 km in total on paved walkways with minimal incline.)

History of the Museum

The Sombra Township Historical Society purchased the 1881 Bury house in 1958, with the objective to collect, exhibit and preserve the heritage of the Township. With the support of the community (financial aid, volunteers and artifact donors) and the drive of the Women's Institutes (Becher, Thornyhurst, Wilkesport, Port Lambton, Sombra), the dream came true on June 19, 1959. Sombra Township Museum, as it was named, became the first museum in Lambton County!

Management & Curators: St.Clair Township (Former Sombra Township) took over ownership from the Historical Society in 1972. The Museum Board then was 2 members of Council and 5 Historical Society members but now consists of 14 people. Everyone involved has worked very hard to promote the study of our heritage!

In 2011, again thanks to the community, we gained enough funds to begin the construction of a second building. On June 19, 2012 The Sombra Township Museum Cultural Centre, as it has been re-named, was officially opened and now has two buildings with varying exhibits open to the public.