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Sombra Museum will be closed Thursday, September 29, 2022. 

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Check out the Events page or Facebook for more details and for additional events

Why Visit Us

Much like the small community that it is situated in, the Sombra Museum has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The helpful staff are always available to offer assistance whether it be answering questions, giving guided tours, or aiding you with research in the reference room. Come to visit and discover some unexpected surprises about not only our Sombra village, but the other villages of the former Sombra Township, including Port Lambton, Wilkesport, Becher and more!! 

Email us for inquiries on local family history or if you would like to volunteer with us: [email protected]

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Sunday                     10am-4:30pm

Monday                    CLOSED          

Tuesday                  10am-4:30pm

Wednesday             10am-1pm

Thursday                 10am-4:30pm

Friday                  CLOSED 

Saturday                  10am-4:40pm