Sombra Museum Cultural Centre

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 Upcoming Events

Annual Blueberry Social

Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 1-4pm

Lord Selkirk History Faire

 August 26-27, 2017  at MacDonald Park

Lecture Series

Last Tuesday of the Month at 7pm.

September: We Are Still Here

October: Railways in Lambton County

(October lecture is held the second last Tuesday of the month)

November: Canada's 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks

March: Lost Lambton, Found 

April:  You're in the Movies: Marine City -1939

New Displays & Exhibits

Artful Deceptions: Duck Decoys

Discover the local history of duck hunting with our 5 meter long sneak boat and dozens of realistic, hand carved duck decoys. 

Wood-Glory-Tragedy: Ship Building and Ship Wreaks on the St. Clair River

Ever wonder what it took to build a ship? This new exhibit will help you imagine a boat starting as wood, being built into a ship, and coming to a tragic end in the St.Clair River.

House-calls & Old Tyme Medicine

A doctor is a job that will forever be around. With a collection of tools from Dr. M. Mac Donald who practiced medicine in Sombra from 1914-1916, you can only imagine what it was like to be a doctor in that time.

Q105 Display

Get up close and personal with a WWII-era submarine chaser ship! A recreated wheelhouse, scale ship model, the original building plans, fixtures, instruments, pieces of the hull and more are yours to explore!