Sombra Museum Cultural Centre


What We Have to Offer

Bury House - Step into the past of a Victorian home built in 1881 with 8 furnished rooms.  Experience the hominess of the kitchen, and the elegance of the dinning room filled with crystal, silver and china.  Walk into an old time parlour and music room to learn about entertainment in the past, or dream in a child’s bedroom with period clothing and toys.  The master bedroom displays turn of the century personal effects. We also have a newly constructed General Store and 1930s Hair Salon to experience!

Main Building:

Marine Room (Great Lakes Hall) - Our Marine Room illustrates the importance of the St.Clair River and Great Lakes to our history through photos, exhibits and nautical artifacts.

Local History Room (Sydenham/St.Clair Room) - This room features a vast array of photos, exhibits and artifacts relating to local people, businesses and events. This room also features a political cartoon wall which allows you to move through our political history while having a few laughs.

Maude Dalgety Reference Room- Our reference room, kindly named after a woman who dedicated much of her time and care to our museum, contains files on local businesses, schools, churches, ships, events and local families. Our Reference Room is a place that you can come to discover YOUR history!

Conference Room (Shawanese Hall) - Our museum also has a conference room with a kitchenette that the public is welcome to rent out for any meetings or events that may be suitable. For inquiries into renting the conference room please contact the museum. All contact information can be found by clicking on the "Contact" heading above. 


 History of the Museum

The Sombra Township Historical Society, whose mandate was to collect, exhibit and preserve the heritage of the Township, purchased the 1881 Bury house in 1958. With the support of the community (financial aid, volunteers and artifact donors) and the drive of the Women's Institutes (Becher, Thornyhurst, Wilkesport, Port Lambton, Sombra), the dream came true on June 19, 1959. Sombra Township Museum, as it was named, became the first museum in Lambton County!

Management & Curators: St.Clair Township (Former Sombra Township) took over ownership from the Historical Society in 1972. The Museum Board then was 2 members of Council and 5 Historical Society members but now consists of 14 people. Everyone involved has worked very hard to promote the study of our heritage!

In 2000, when the municipality became St.Clair Township, our name changed to Sombra Museum. In 2011, again thanks to the community, we gained enough funds to begin the construction of a second building. On June 19, 2012 The Sombra Museum Cultural Centre, as it has been re-named, was officially opened and now has two buildings with varying exhibits open to the public.